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Installing OpenWRT/ROOter on a RBM33G/RBM11G

Installing OpenWRT/ROOter on a RBM33G/RBM11G
Download the latest ROOter for the RBM33GPutty portabletftpd64 portable Extract all of the above to: C:\Users\Public\Downloads Setup Network Interface connected to RBM33G/RMB11G POE port: IP:
Disable Windows Firewall From an administrator command prompt:NetSh Advfirewall set allprofiles state off
Configure and start tftpd32/64 Option 1: Overwrite tftpd32.ini with this one and start tftpd64.Change the BootFile name if needed. Option 2: Use screenshots for the settings, restart tftpd64 after you make your changes
Open Putty to the COM port of your USB to Serial Adapter with a baud rate of 115200
Plug in/powercycle your router, press any key within 2 seconds to enter setup.
Boot from the network by pressing the following key sequence: o - boot optionse - etherneto - boot optionsb - boot