Installing OpenWRT/ROOter on a RBM33G/RBM11G

Installing OpenWRT/ROOter on a RBM33G/RBM11G

  1. Download the latest
  2. Extract all of the above to: C:\Users\Public\Downloads
  3. Setup Network Interface connected to RBM33G/RMB11G POE port:
    • IP:
    • Mask:
    • Gateway:
    • DNS1:
  4. Disable Windows Firewall
    • From an administrator command prompt:
    • NetSh Advfirewall set allprofiles state off

  5. Configure and start tftpd32/64
    • Option 1: Overwrite tftpd32.ini with this one and start tftpd64.
    • Change the BootFile name if needed.
    • Option 2: Use screenshots for the settings, restart tftpd64 after you make your changes

  6. Open Putty to the COM port of your USB to Serial Adapter with a baud rate of 115200
  7. Plug in/powercycle your router, press any key within 2 seconds to enter setup.
  8. Boot from the network by pressing the following key sequence:
    • o - boot options
    • e - ethernet
    • o - boot options
    • b - boot
  9. Wait for boot to complete (~45 seconds)
  10. Browse to openwrt-RBM33G-GO2018-08-15-upgrade.bin
  11. Click Flash Image, continue.
  12. Re-Enable Windows Firewall
    • From an administrator command prompt:
    • NetSh Advfirewall set allprofiles state on

  13. Wait for router to finish rebooting, re-enter setup, and reset to default boot options by pressing r.
  14. Done. Reset your Windows Network IP settings.


  1. Dear Daniel
    thank you for your amazing work, but would you please explain the advantages of OpenWRT to MikroTik router OS ?

  2. Thanks for this guide! I've got an RBM11G and want to place ROOter on it. Going by the post, it looks like I need a USB to serial adaptor, but I don't know where to hook it up on the RBM11G. Can RouterOS be replaced without needing the USB to serial adapter? Cheers!

    1. Yes. IIRC, all you have to do is replace steps 7&8 with holding the set button while you plug in power. After about 30 seconds the LEDs start flashing, indicating it is now attempting a network boot.

    2. That worked a treat. Thanks champ.

  3. Daniel,

    I've got a similar configuration (RBM11G + MC7455). The modem gets detected and works in MBIM protocol. I don't know what to do next - it looks like it works in direct ip mode. How to force it to work?


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Так можно и без всякого ком порта через прогу pxesrv

  6. You forgot the part where the Mikrotik license needs to be backed up so this can be reversed in the future.

  7. how to install openwrt on microSD and boot not from nand? 16 MB is very small for our tasks in openwrt

  8. I am having trouble with the Serial Connection, are you using a USB to Serial adaptor on your PC and how have you configured the pinout?

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  10. "Install the 128GB drive in the m.2 port" is it possible to install openwrt on ssd


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