Resetting and Upgrading the APC AP9606 NMC

The APC AP9606 is a very old NMC for the Smart-UPS line. They go for under $10 each on ebay and are great for use on an isolated VLAN for SNMP alerts and actions. Their network interface is only 10BaseT, but that is a non-issue for the purpose they serve and they work without issue on most gigabit switches.

General Notes

  • The default username/password is apc/apc.
  • The AP9606 does not support DHCP, it supports only Static IP addresses or BOOTP.
  • Setting the time on the AP9606 is broken on both the WebUI and on Telnet. If you discover how to successfully set a date and time, I will accept pull requests to this document.
  • Unauthenticated SMTP Mail alerts work with GSuite SMTP Relay, as long as you have whitelisted your WAN IP.

Discover/Reset IP Address

  1. Connect to the same layer 2 network as a PC.
  2. Use Wireshark and filter for: eth.src[0:3]==00:c0:b7
  3. Reset the AP9606 (hold reset button for 2-3 seconds)
    • After about 30 seconds, you will see the AP9606 doing ARP lookups.
  4. Put your computer in the same IP range and login (apc/apc).
  5. Go to System | Tools | Action | Reset to Defaults except TCP/IP
    • This is to clear any custom settings someone else may have had.
  6. After the card reboots (~30 seconds), log back in and set your own IP settings.
  7. After you set your desired IP address, logout to initiate a reboot and IP change.

Upgrade firmware

  1. Download latest available firmwares (FTP Search Engines are useful here).
    1. Description : Web/SNMP Management Card AOS
      Name        : aos326b.bin       Type        : APC OS
      Version     : v3.2.6.b          Sector      : 11
      Date        : 09/16/2003        Time        : 07:45:28
      CRC16       : 679F
      MD5         : 381f98dea7694b51b125d61916811d1f
    2. Description : Smart-UPS & Matrix-UPS APP
      Name        : sumx326.bin       Type        : StatApp
      Version     : v3.2.6            Sector      : 4
      Date        : 08/14/2002        Time        : 17:01:44
      CRC16       : 8545
      MD5         : a7faf768e0e2437602c939dfcfb5a15b
  2. Use curl to ftp upload the Web/SNMP Management Card AOS:
    • curl -T aos326b.bin --ftp-port - ftp://IP_ADDRESS_OF_AP9606 --user apc:apc
  3. Wait 30 seconds for card to reboot.
  4. Use curl to ftp upload the Smart-UPS & Matrix-UPS APP:
    • curl -T sumx326.bin --ftp-port - ftp://IP_ADDRESS_OF_AP9606 --user apc:apc
  5. Wait 30 seconds for card to reboot.
  6. Done, you are now on the newest available firmware for the AP9606


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